Composition Prize


Our supporters play an essential role in our work for which we are grateful.

From our Requiem Scheme to our annual Composition Prize, there are numerous ways you can facilitate our work and benefit from our music making.

If you choose to contribute, you will receive an invitation to be listed on our website and to attend our rehearsals.

We would sincerely like to thank the following for their support:
  • Mr Richard Bell
  • Mrs Patti Fordyce
  • Mark Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle
  • Mr Clifford Lister
  • Ms Rebecca Lowe
  • Dr Craig Paterson
  • Professor Thomas Pink
  • Miss Aili Whelan

Requiem Scheme

Our Requiem Scheme offers a way to ensure high-quality music at a Mass offered for your loved one.

We offer two ways to arrange a Sung Mass and our unique partnership with the Latin Mass Society means that we can offer celebration dates at short notice in Central London.

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Composition Prize

By supporting our annual Composition Prize you help foster new music and keep Sacred Music alive.

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